ZHIDI Plaza——5A office building

Project name: ZHIDI Plaza
Address: No.55, north Hongwu Road, Nanjing
Property category: Apartment
Construction category: multi-storey, high-rise
Delivery time: Oct. 2003 


ZHIDI PLAZA is located on No. 55 North Hongwu Road, Nanjing. It is at the intersection of Xinjiekou business circle, Hongwu Road financial circle and the Changjiang Road cultural circle. It’s only 200m from the “Xin Jiekou” subway station and there are more than 10 lines of bus which makes a transportation network. ZHIDI PLAZA has a total area of 7635 sqm, total construction area of 58328.4 sqm, floor area ration of 5.97 and building density of 21%. The whole building gets 30floors, 3 floors of basement and 27 floors above ground which divides into 1st -3rd as commercial space and 4th-27th as offices.

Surrounded by bank, Security Company, hotel and restaurant, shopping center and entertainment center, it has great business air. With many culture constructions circled around such as Pilu Temple, Meiyuan new residence, president office, Zhongshan square, Nanjing library, Jiangning weave office, Jiangsu Gallery, People’s hall, Jinling Library, Cultural and Art center and other, it is circled with great cultural air.

ZHIDI Plaza has a green landscape square of 4500 m2 and 240 parking lots. The building provides 5A integrated intelligenize system and advanced LOW-E double layer breath glass curtain wall which has great heat preservation function. The podium building used monolock glass curtain wall. The office building allocated 10 mid-high speed imported elevator of OTIS which is the best label in the world, and the floor entrance guard system was first applied in A level office buildings. As to air condition ,the building used the adjustable refrigerating fluid flow system, set by floor and worked for each individual company, accounted independently. That makes continent to control the cost.

ZHIDI Plaza focused on the construction of soft business environment. The building standard floor height is 3.6m and the prestressed girder used clear height is 2.7m, the public corridor clear width is 2m and has free wiring system, flexible adjustable function in room, bypass flow by people and vehicle, customers and goods, smart card manage system in parking and no communication protective screen in basement garage and elevator, 24 hours business service which all represented the international level.

Beyond the traditional office building, ZHIDI PLAZA concerns business software environment, makes the idea of intelligent flexible business area, adheres to the “people-oriented” concept of service to high-potential, high-intelligence, high-efficiency and high-landscape architecture which creates the pioneer of the fourth generation of the office buildings in Nanjing and the only truly international 5A level high-tech, high-quality office building.


•the business real estate project with best investment value in Jiangsu Province
•the champion building on Comprehensive Strength of sale in 2006
•the best property management service in Nanjing city
•the four-star property management building on security and prevention
•the best property management city building in Jiangsu province
•National property management sample building
•“Luban” Prize(The best prize for construction project in China)