Siya .Fortune Center

Siya .Fortune Center
Developer: Nanjing Siya Group Co., Ltd.
Nanjing Tongya Real Estate Co., Ltd.
A Fresh new business center of Nanjing is rising!

A new luxury apartment building in the downtown area will open!

Fortune Center, going with global great honor, will creae the legend of fortune!


Siya fortune center located at the cross of Baixia Road and South Taiping Road facing the Qinhuai River. The whole construction area is 120000 m2

Siya Fortune Center——Super 5A office building (delivered in August 2013)


Chief base——The diamond of fortune
Office building, iconic diamond of CBD.
As the symbol of wealth and the complex of noble and temperament, the building shows a triangular section of diamond-based form meaning supreme business experience and will bring endless upgrade wealth.

Siya Mansion——The only one inner city luxury house(delivered in June 2014)


Luxury residential model——iconic ship of fortune
Concise overall shape, changing the level of sunlight to meet human design needs. This is the ship in the Qinhuai River sailing in the water with good air combine the meaning of success and smooth.