Nanjing Pretty Medical cosmetology

Nanjing Pretty Medical cosmetology

Nanjing Pretty Medical cosmetology is a professional medical cosmetic surgery institution which has united top resources of the industry.

It is located in the xinjie kou business circle enjoying prosperous.

The business area of the institution is nearly 2000m2 ,with elegant decoration and advanced medical equipment as well as professional medical team of cosmetology surgery .

Nanjing pretty medical cosmetology institution facilitated with two centers of skin beauty and medical plastic surgery . with famous plastic surgeons from Korea and Taiwan joined ,most advanced medical beauty equipment, provide eyes surgery , nose surgery, breasts surgery, liposuction, fat filling, 6D facial precise carving, vital injection for skin tendering ,anti-allergy repairing, skin uptight ,scar repairing, medical tattooing etc. service to customers.

A health managing center affiliated corporate with inner and international advanced biological research institutes, provide genetic test, early cancel screening, cancer biotherapy, biological anti-ageing cellular skincare and cosmetology business.